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API to create chatroom and pass language in the chatroomYou can translate the DeadSimpleChat interface in any language. Here is how you can use the translate feature:

Go to Dashboard -> Chatroom settings -> Translate/Change text.

Here you will see a table of text. These are the text that appear in different places in the chatroom. 

Besides the text is a text box, you can write anything on the text box corresponding to the text and whatever you write will replace the original text in the chatroom

for example: you can change the text "type a message" to "write something here"

We also have pre-filled languages in the quick language select option.

A live preview of the changes made is also available if you scroll down

You can create a free account with us to test out all the features. Click on the "Get Started" on our website to create a free account.

You can also update the language using the API. Here is the link to the API documentation:

If you have questions/concerns you can always contact us :

thank you

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