What is pre-moderated chat/ can I create a view only chatroom

Pre-moderated chat is a type of chatroom setting where all the messages that are sent by the users in a particular chatroom go through approval by the moderators. If a moderator approves a message then only it can appear in the chatroom, if the moderator does not approve than the message will not appear in the chatroom

Using this you can create a view-only chatroom as well ( A chatroom where users will only be able to see the messages and not send any message). To do this apply the Pre-moderated chat setting and simply do not approve any message sent by the users.

Below is a detailed explanation of how the Pre-moderated chat works and how to enable/disable pre-moderated chat in a particular chat room.

Steps to enable per-moderated chat:


Login to Dead Simple Chat, you will land on the dashboard page. There create a chatroom, if you already have a chatroom or multiple chatrooms decide for which chatroom you want to en-able "pre-moderated" chatroom settings.

refer to the image below

Step 2:

Then in the chatroom settings page click on the "Pre-Moderated Chatroom" checkbox then click on the "Update chat room" button and voila you have enabled the pre-moderated chatroom setting for that chatroom.

Note: This setting is Chat room-specific so enabling "Pre-moderated chat" in one chat room will not affect settings in other chatrooms. 


So after enabling pre-moderated chat in a chatroom. Whenever a user sends a message in the chatroom first it appears for the moderator to approve or disapprove a message. The user will see a message like the one in the image below:

On the moderator side an approve or disapprove message appears:

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