How to create / add moderators ?

Creating moderators is quite simple in Dead simple chat. Here is a three-step process


Login to Dead Simple Chat then on the dashboard page click on the Moderators tab on the left-hand side pane.

You will be taken to the moderator's page.

Step 2 

On the Moderators, page fill in the create moderator form by typing in a 

1. username for moderator

2. setting a password for moderator

3. and assigning a chatroom to a moderator

then click submit to create a moderator. 

A moderator will be created with the username you assigned plus the password you set and a custom system generated email. You will need to give these details to the moderator to be able to login to the chatroom.

You can see a list of moderators below the form:

Step 3

to log in as a moderator in a chat room. Go to the chatroom corresponding to the assigned moderator.

There you will see a login box. In it write the system assigned email and the password you set for the moderator.

Then click on the login button to login as a moderator.

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